Ver. 3

* If this game doesn't work well, please update this application. It might improve the problem.

Title screen

Top of the screen
Change name
Enter a name, the name is displayed in ranking.
Continue Game
If you stopped last game in the middle, you can restart it from the middle.
You can check world ranking of rating. If you don’t report your record yet, you can send it.
Middle of the screen
TYPE1 vertical game screen
Best10 in your own record
You can view your own top 10 records in time-attack.
New Game
You can start the new game.
You can check world ranking of time attack. If you don’t report your record yet, you can send it.
Bottom of the screen
TYPE2 sideways game screen (same as TYPE1)

You tap the terminal menu button, and it displays menu.
Report to friend
You can send e-mail with screenshot of this screen.
You can view this present screen.
You can view setting screen.
You can quit this game.

*About rating
Rating starts from 1200 at first. When you start new game, you lose 8 or 10 ratings. But if you succeed to finish game, you get much rating. Faster you finish the game, More ratings you get. However, when your ratings are much already, the ratings don't increase much even if you finish the game.

Game screen

Basic operation
tile selection
If you tap tile, the tile is selected. And the selected tile will vanish if you select same two kinds tiles.
Selection cancel
If you tap tile selected already, you can cancel the selection, and the tile becomes not selected.
Emphasis of same tile
If you continue to touch a tile, same kind of tile as you touch.
You can stop timer if you go other screen by menu or if you get back title screen by back button of terminal and so on.
If you push the menu button of terminal, you can view the menu.
Momentarily you can view two tiles which can be vanished. If some patterns of tiles exist, the hint tells different tiles every time.
You can get back last situation. One set of vanished tiles get back. You can go back to the first situation.
You can cancel the Undo. You can do it as many times as you want.
You can view this screen.
You can view setting screen.
You can get back to title screen.

*About rule of this game
This is puzzle game. When you remove all tiles, you succeed to beat this game. To remove tiles, you need to find and chose same kinds of two tiles. Moreover, you can remove two tiles only when the two tiles can be connected by line. And the line cannot have 3 or more corners.

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